Spiritual Technology = Psychological Slavery

The Scientology Money Project

The Church of Scientology ran Super Bowl ads this year (2015) and last year. The ads feature the term spiritual technology:


In this article we explore “spiritual technology” as a Scientology code word for the psychological manipulation and fascist social engineering program at the core of the Scientology Master Race ideology.


Before the advent of computers, the concept of social engineering was concerned with a government using various means to psychologically control and manipulate the thinking and behavior of its populace. This was to be achieved by controlling the flow of information and the skilled use of propaganda, disinformation, and symbols. The purpose of psychological manipulation and social engineering was to achieve a government’s ideological supremacy over the people while criminalizing freedom of thought, freedom or speech, freedom of press, and destroying all contrary ideologies.

Controlling the flow of information in the newspapers…

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