Church of Scientology Launches Smear Campaign Against HBO and Alex Gibney

With the upcoming documentary on Scientology from HBO and Alex Gibney, the church is relying on its usual playbook of dirty tricks, exaggerations and lies to defame its critics — all funded by its more than two billion dollar tax-free war chest. Just the sort of normal activity by any friendly neighborhood church, wouldn’t you say?

The Scientology Money Project

The one-minute trailer for Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary has gone viral with >143,000 views in 24 hours:

Given the buzz surrounding the documentary, Alex Gibney and HBO have become the target of yet another Scientology smear campaign.

Scientology has engaged in paranoid smear campaigns since its early years when L. Ron Hubbard accused several early Dianeticists of being Communists sent in to ruin his organization and technology. Hubbard also accused his second wife Sara of being a Russian spy. Hubbard later said in a television interview that he never had a second wife.

In 1951, Hubbard wrote the US Attorney General a letter in which he claimed:

I was in my apartment on February 23rd, about two or three o'clock in the morning when the apartment was entered, I was knocked out, had a needle thrust into my heart to give it a jet of air to produce "coronary thrombosis"…

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